It all started when…

Kinderhaus Montessori School (KMS) was founded in 1971 by a trained, experienced Montessori teacher, Leigh Jewell, and parents who were enthusiastic and committed to the goal of offering quality Montessori learning experiences to their children. KMS was formerly (from 1964) a part of the North Suburban Montessori until that school split into smaller units in 1971 to facilitate its goal to be parent-directed. The school was incorporated as a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) corporation with a volunteer board of directors. In 1987, Ms. Nora Cruden was hired as Directress and Program Head. She dedicated her heart and career to Kinderhaus, and worked at the school until 2018. In 2017, Ms. Taylor Amigon was hired to take over for Ms. Nora as Head of School and Lead Teacher. The 2018-19 school year was the first year that the school offered a full day session.

our mission

It is the mission of Kinderhaus Montessori School to provide an authentic Montessori environment and education for our children—three through six years of age—and to give them the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential psychologically, socially, physically, and intellectually.


Kinderhaus Montessori School is licensed by the State of Minnesota’s Department of Human Services, complying with all health and safety standards set forth in its regulations. We are a registered member of the American Montessori Society (AMS) and are 3 Star Parent Aware Rated.

the tenets of our philosophy

1. Authentic Montessori Education. Live the philosophy, prepare the environment, engage with the materials.

2. Follow the Child. Honor the individual spirit, foster the joy and natural curiosity of living and learning.

3. Observe. Truly know the child, the environment, the self and one another. Reflect daily.

4. Exhibit Peace. Grace toward all beings and self.

5. Community as a Priority. Consider all children, parents, families, teachers, caregivers, staff and the children of the future.

6. Connect with Nature. Commitment to spending time outdoors in all seasons to explore the natural world with the utmost respect.